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ASOS Mid-Season Blow Out Sale

On sale now @ Also be sure to check out ASOS outlet store online:

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Banana Republic Turned Crime Scene Investigation

In the early hours of the morning witnesses said the unidentified man and his girlfriend were fighting in front of the clothing store when he hurled her several times onto the glass before it broke. The couple fell through the glass of the London store, and the man suffered injuries to an artery and bled to death.The woman was rushed to a local hospital for treatment of multiple cuts, none of which were life-threatening. It is believed that the couple was homeless. The incident happened in August at the Regent Street Flagship Banana Store and a court decided that this was accidental death. *Source of information….One of the many free newspapers in London (unknown).*

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Jay Z Live @ Alexandra Palace Sold Out!

Is now sold out, awaiting further dates.

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Hottest Chick In The Game

Rihanna, is 21 has sold over 12 million albums and had five US Hot 100 Singles with her unique vocal stylings r’n’b singer Rhianna has become somewhat of a staple at this years paris fashion shows. Her style is edgy and fearless. In term of relativity there are a select few who currently transcend music and fashion.  Here are some images of Rihanna (summary of her Paris fashion week) courtesy of Love B Scott.

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Hermes Custom Hoodie for Pharrell Williams

PharrellWilliams has again gone to Hermes for something custom, ornate. Hermes one of a kind crocodile skin hoodie. You two can create your own for £11,207.07 to £46,701.45. Justdon’t wear it when Peta try to splash you. 

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Masonic Video Or Just Good Music,

Check this out, I believe people who talk all that mess are straight up ignorant. Enjoy, lmao.

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Take You To Another Level No Passengers On My Plane!

Earlier today Beyonce and Jay Z arrived in Norway ahead of Jay-Z’s performance on UKA 09

The red carpet gets rolled back

I wonder if Jay has been reading ilikeitalot… Gilet and Timberland boots check, on trend.
(Images courtesy of

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Blackberry for Mac

At last you can sync your blackberry to your mac.

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Wrap Star

This is not a short note regarding a KFC meal, or this years best scarfs for the winter (Although I might post this later) Jay Z is in london again! Tickets go on sale Friday 9.00am. Let’s hope that tickets for Alexander Palace 4th November 2009 do not sell out in under 7 minutes flat like the last time.

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