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London Riots

Reeves Corner, Croydon

The disenchanted youth of today go on an access all areas shopping spree, looting, rioting and setting buildings a blaze. The wide spread looting of clothing and electrical stores was sparked by clusters of inner city youths who ran riot. Police and the Government have allowed the situation to escalate in such a way that following Saturday’s nights riots in North London leading on from police attacking a member of the community who demanded that questions surrounding the shooting of a local man by police were answered. The riots followed on from Tottenhan spread to Enfield, Wood Green and Hackney. Once footage of the looting of JD Sports, Currys, Spec Savers and HMV went viral other youths under privileged, socially deprived, pushed to the outside of society by the budget cuts and job losses, university graduates with no jobs, school kids on Summer holidays with no youth centre to go to as well as opportunists, joined forces to rob and loot. Despite polices efforts to deter clusters of unruly mobs, large scale riots, acts of theft, vandalism and arson cotinued. There has been talk of drafting in the army and the police are placing the blame on Blackberry messenger. The youths of today nonchalant and boisterous can be seen displaying their spoils on various social networking sites including twitter, facebook and pictures and videos of various different locations are appearing via bbm. Today is Day 4, Extra Police have been sent to London in an attempt to stop the London Riots, however last night Other urban areas reported under 18’s looting and vandalising shopping centres.

Vandalised area’s of London include: Croydon, Brixton, Camden, Tottenham, Enfield, Ealing, Old Kent Road…..

leaflet tells looters how to avoid police

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The Bullitts Feat Lucy Liu & Jay Electronica Close Your Eyes

The Bullitts x Lucy Liu & Jay Electronic gave an acoustic performance of Close Your Eyes while in at the famous BBC Maida Vale Studio, London for Zane Lowe.

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Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame: Ferrari Boyz

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Chris Brown: Boy In Detention: Mixtape

Chris Brown returns with a new promotional mixtape, read more for full track list and download after the jump


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Tattoo Age: Grime Trailer

New Era x Vice have dropped a promotional trailer for episode three of Tattoo Age introducing Grime.

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Watch The Throne: Trailer

The Throne release Watch The Throne digitally worldwide 08/08/2011.

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Lil Wayne at Skatepark of Tampa

Lil wayne and members of young money stopped by Skatepark of Tampa in the early hours of the morning, as the I am Music Tour comes to Florida. Lil Tunchie skated into the early hours and posed for pictures with staff members after his shopping spree. More images can be found on Skatepark of Tampa’s official blog.

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Bottega Veneta “The Art of Collaboration” by Robert Polidori

Bottega Veneta 2011 Fall/Winter collection is something of a digital look book video collaboration with Robert Polidori.

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Coldplay Perform Charlie Brown/Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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