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Naomi Campbell’s New Television Show The Face

“The Face,” a new television show featuring supermodel team captains Naomi Campbell, Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha searching to find a face for the Ultra Beauty Campaign, hosted be noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker, the show promises to viewers high fashion, photo shoots, go sees, runway shows and commercials. Coming to Oxygen soon. Watch the promo video for the fresh new alternative to America’s Top Model below.

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Dominique Morisseau – Sunset Baby were lucky enough to catch the final performance of Sunset Baby, at Gate Theatre Notting Hill. Sunset Baby is a theatre play about the complex and turbulent relationship between a father and his daughter, set in New York City.

The play features three characters:

Nina – a black woman, late 20’s, grounded, guarded, unapologetic, aggressive, fiery and confrontational. An armed robber and drug dealer. Named after Nina Simone, her parents hoped that she could be an activist leader of a revolution.

Kenyatta – Black man, aged late 40’s, deeply guarded, apologetic, wise, a former political revolutionary, who spent time in prison. Nina’s affectionless father.

Damon – Black or Latino, 30’s, masculine, bold, intelligent, a drug dealer and theif. Street smart, Clyde to his Bonnie (Nina) Plan’s to retire from being a street hustler, not conforming to a stereotype , has lost his hardness from being in the streets and ageing with street wisdom.

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NEW MUSIC : Angel Haze – Cleaning Out My Closet

Angel Haze is Cleaning Out My Closet over Eminem’s song of the same name. While spitting flames the Female MC went all the way in tell her story of being sexually assaulted at a young age, She speaks Out on a Taboo subject that people would rather hide but not this Brave Young Lady and we respect that she found the Force and energy to came out with this, So press Play below and like us admire and respect this Young Woman story which is the truth, honesty and strength of her work left that left us speechless.

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New Album And Tour for Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode held a press conference in Paris today (10/23) to discuss more details on their new album and world tour, which will take place in 2013. The tour kicks off May 7 in Tel Aviv and will hit 25 countries before reaching North America sometimes in the late summer or fall. Check out Depeche Mode European tour dates are below.


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The Weeknd – Trilogy [Official Teaser 2]

The Weeknd debut album Trilogy is coming on November 13th 2012 and the weeknd and Abel The Canadian from East Africa previews one of the new tracks that will be featured on the project. It is entitled “Valerie” and Promised his fans to reveal something new this Thursday, Hardly can’t wait.

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I-Likeitalot : The Way I Dress : Mr Joshua Kissi [Interview]

”My name is Joshua Kissi, I’m one half of Street Etiquette, and I’m from the Bronx, New York.

My first memory of being conscious of style or fashion was in high school, furthermore than that, I think my parents inspired me, as far as being West African, they are from Ghana, seeing how they used to dress so elegant just to go to these events…that’s the first time is saw color and the way people express themselves – linking clothing to emotion. That’s when I think I got introduced to style…

My parents thought I was gong to be a doctor, it is still kind of surreal to them that you can make a living or job or have some type of lucrative income off of just style or fashion – when I broke the news to them they were shocked..after a while…New York Times, GQ and everything, now they’re pretty proud.

I roll up everything, unless it’s like, you know, tuxedo trousers obviously or something more formal, I pretty much go by it all the time, no socks, roll up. Some people make fun of it, some people don’t like but hey! it your personal taste.

I would describe my style as just… I don’t know, I mean it’s hard to just give it a label or category ‘cause then I feel like I’m putting it in a box…sometimes Afro-dandyism, sometimes punk, a touch of prep, a touch of Americana…like an amalgamation of everything I’m interested in as far as colors, patterns, silhouettes and jewelry accessories.

My style is just style I wouldn’t put it in a category”

Ultimate Props to Mr Porter

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Rihanna – Diamonds [Behind The Scenes: Pics]

Singer Rihanna get busy shooting a music video for her new song “Diamonds” in Los Angeles, the single whose keep climbing the charts and now have reached the TOP 5 charts, Check Out this Hot Lady Pics below

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Louis Vuitton Interprets Muhammad Ali’s ‘Float’ with Yasiin Bey and Niels Shoe Meulman

Louis Vuitton pays tribute to one of the Best Athletes Muhammad Ali with the digital experience “The Greatest Words” in this section Spoken Word Artist Yasiin Bey and calligrapher Niels Shoe Meulman revisit the words of Muhammad Ali.

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Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Drank) [Live Performance]

Kendrick Lamar performed yesterday on the Conan O’Brien show “Swimming Pools (Drank)” off his Debut album, good kid, m.A.A.d city. that has just been released, If you haven’t copped a copy yet , Now is a chance to head to your favorite store and purchase One.

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