I-Likeitalot Photography : A. Sauvage on the road with Yasiin Bey By Adrien Sauvage

A. Sauvage founder Adrien Sauvage’s journey’s in the field of portraiture continues with his new series on the road with Yasin Bey. The Concept follows a sample logic within a strong framework. To explore the word suit and what it suggests. In this Case, the Artist invited Hip-Hop’s captain of Industry formerly known as Mos Def to wear garments from his 2012 Autumn/Winter collection whilst traveling on road from New Orleans to Houston Texas avoiding Hurricane ISAAC. Sauvage encourages the Artist to express who he is whilst wearing a suit with no directorial interference. Having established the loose parameters of the experience, it is left up to each subject to decide what to wear, diverse as they are, from collection. This is not a suit is a case study of the Artist’s ongoing fascination with the internal and external influences that enable individualism.

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