New video : Alluxe – Rytmus


For the track Rytmus, Director Nika Offenbac (Skrillex) and Choreographer/Art Director Yemi A.D. (Kanye West’s Runaway video, Dark Fantasy tour) teamed up in Prague to create a film that visually mirrors the constant dichotomy in Alluxe’s music. Somewhere between hip hop and dance music, her sound has been described as simultaneously primal and refined, but most accurately futuristic.

The short film is a stunning visual odyssey that captures the avante garde synthesis of opposing sounds in Alluxe’s music. The characters are a high fashion interpretation of mythical archetypes in this retelling of the worlds oldest story, creation. Drawn out of the depths by Alluxe’s eccentric bass ridden beats, the forces of light and dark are united into one.

Out of chaos, Shangri-La is born.

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