#Whatisperfection – The Persuit Of Perfection


What is more perfect than a suit that fits to perfection?

And where better to shop for the perfect outfit than at Westfield which was recently ranked the number one shopping centre in the UK. Westfield is one of London’s most popular shopping spaces with twin Shopping emporiums in both White City West London and Stratford East London complete with a variety of shopping experiences varying from high street to high fashion.

When you want to increase your appeal to the maximum, the simplicity of a crisp white shirt, a timeless, charming, clean, simplistic look paired with a well tailored suit, translates across culture as a code of dress which suggests he takes pride in what he is doing.
Whether you decide to compliment your suit with a tie and matching pocket square or bow tie, teamed with the perfect shoes that synergy that pulls everything together, the class level, that consistency denotes a type of luxury, a snap shot of an aspect of that meticulous attention to detail, which translates as being extra ordinary, refined and is often celebrated for being, inspiring, creative, original, edgy real, or hyper real that is perfection.
The crispness of a well-tailored suit, the intricacy of the design process, the added confidence in your posture as well as the beauty of the aesthetic, the poise of the execution, the precision and thought process behind the idea.

For more information visit Westfield’s blog Pulse and get inspired. Watch the full Pursuit of Perfection film below which features Director Daniel Saandwald’s unique interpretation of #Whatisperfection in a simple and beautiful moving image piece set to music.

#Whatisperfection to me also applies to the collective recognition, the shared emotion being acknowledged and saluted as the respect level is mutual, being awesome that is perfection. Whether the outlet is music, fashion , food, it is a form of life art.

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