Video: Kyla Imani- 7/11


Innovative Beyonce fan Kyla Imani has created her own child friendly alternative version of Beyonce’s viral video for bonus track “7/11.” Lifted from the Grammy award wining singers re release “Beyonce Platinum Edition.” which included 2 new tracks, 4 remixes, 10 live performances, 2015 Mini Calendar, 2 Photobooks, 17 Music Videos available now via in physical cd/dvd format. The original video which appears to be shot in a hotel somewhere in the world includes lyrics such as “Legs moving side to side, smack it in the air.” and “flexing, flexing with my hands up.” , “smach it smack it in the air…I know you care.” ? The meaning behind the abstract banger has yet to be explained, however through its care free and fun loving choreography, it has managed to inspire a talented young girl, who simply kills each seen age appropriately like for like. Watch Kyla Imani version in full below.

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