Mazda Motors UK has partnered with Mogees to turn an all-new Mazda3 into a musical instrument. Combining both engineering and design excellence in their cars, having previously displayed a fun, adventure and sports inspired themes in relation to their cars. Mazda collaborates with Mogees to turn the car  the all-new Mazda3; in an innovative step Mazda is showcasing all-new Mazda3 as a musical instrument.

“Mogees consists of a mobile app and a small sensor that detects and analyses the vibrations that we make when we interact with inanimate objects. It uses a special sound technique to alter their acoustic properties to create a musical note. This unique technology was designed to allow everyone to make beautiful music out of ordinary objects, even a car’s bonnet or windscreen.”
Watch the film which features Bruno Zamborlin, the inventor of Mogees, a successful technologist, musician and composer in full below.
Mogees are not yet available to purchase, but more information can be found here: http://mogees.co.uk/

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