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A Work in Progress 1 by Mark Lebon – Men’s Fall 2015 Fashion Show


Mark Lebon has created a film in collaboration with Louis Vuitton. Watch “A Work In Progress.” in full below. (more…)

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Music – Beyonce – 7/11 (DJ Mustard Remix)


Get into the trap inspired remix of Beyonce’s 7/11 created by producer of the moment DJ Mustard. (more…)

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Video: Tinie Tempah – Flash


Tinie Tempah turns all teh way up whilst visiting the EAU to film the video for current single “Flash.” Check out the flashy video below.  (more…)

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Music: Jeremih’s ft/ J. Cole – “Planes”


Jeremih collaborates with J Cole on new track Planes which does not appear on J Coles “2014 Forest Hill Drive.” (more…)

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Video: Yemi Alade – Kissing


Watch the video for Yemi Alade “Kissing.” (more…)

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Driving Tests to Utilise CGI Technology

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 20.03.44

Technology has gradually improved our daily lives in a number of weird and wonderful ways over the last ten years. Although Smartphone apps are the latest vogue for software developers, the UK’s Drivers & Vehicles Standards Agency (DVSA) has decided to turn its attention to computer generated imagery (CGI) technology for its latest investment.

In a bid to improve the safety of its driving tests, the DVSA is planning to use CGI for the hazard and perception part of its driving theory tests. Replacing the old video clips that were previously used, the new animations will create a series of more testing scenarios compared to the old system.

The announcement was first made on the UK government’s official website an soon picked up by national publications such as The Express. So far reactions to the planned changes have been positive and the government hopes it will improve the overall quality of its driving tests. Moreover, those responsible for driver safety in the UK feel the new improvements will create safer batch of drivers in the future.

Implementation of New Technology

So how will this new technology be integrated into the hazard perception tests? According to the government’s official driving standards hub, the tests currently show everyday road scenes through a series of video clips. However, despite these still being relevant, but the image quality isn’t as good as it could be.

To combat this, CGI clips will take existing data and rework it using computer imaging to create the following benefits:

  • •A clearer look on the screen.
  • •Updated vehicles, roads and surroundings so they look modern.
  • •Dangerous scenarios can now be depicted.
  • •Less ambiguity surrounding the section of the clip that’s being tested.
  • •More detailed and complex scenarios.

Although the new technology will help improve the overall quality and delivery of the tests, aspiring drivers won’t be subject to any additional questions. Essentially, the new technology will take what was there before and make it better through the use of CGI.

Same Test, Better Conditions

Moreover, pass marks for the UK’s theory test will stay the same and the tests will still combine the following elements:

  • •Common road scenes will be played during the test using CGI enhanced clips.
  • •Each new clip will feature a ‘developing hazard’.
  • •Additionally, one of the clips will feature two ‘developing hazards’.

In order to successfully pass their test, a user must demonstrate an understanding of the clip’s dynamics and comment on the developing hazards by suggesting an action such as change speed or direction.

Overall, the latest driving theory test innovation is a triumph of technology. Although the current zeitgeist for technology developers seems to be convenience and speed, the DVSA appears to be utilising it for different reasons. By giving aspiring drivers a greater insight into common road situations through the use of CGI, it means the level of student passing the test will be a lot high and, therefore, the UK’s roads will be a lot safer.


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Yams of ASAP Mob dies, aged 26


A$AP Yams the founding member of A$AP Mob,  collaborator and co-owner of the ASAP Worldwide label has died aged 26. Confirmed via the official twitter account for A$AP Mob which posted the below: (more…)

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Burberry AW15 at London Collections Men


View the full presentation from Burberry AW15 at London Collections Men. (more…)

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Nasir Mazhar AW15 at London Collections Men


View a summary of the best looks lifted from the Nasir Mazhar AW15 at London Collections Men presentation below. (more…)

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