Notting Hill Carnival 2015 Route and Soundsystem Map


Europe’s biggest Street festival celebrating African and Caribbean influence, contribution and cultural melange comes to West London This bank Holiday weekend 30th-31ST August 2015. This year TimeOut magazine have provided a helpful Notting Hill Carnival map. Many Carnival regulars will notice that this year The Rampage stage is back. Check out our selection of the biggest and best sound systems that Notting Hill have to offer selected from the pre listed titles on the TimeOut Website. Check out some of the hottest sound systems for Carnival 2015.


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4 Play
Expect underground UK talent, and fresh sounds alongside old-school anthems.

Aba Shanti-I
One of the country’s most respected selectors and soundsmiths pumps out dub and roots.

Arts A Light
A mix of soulful house, gospel and Afrobeat. Arts-A-Alight’s speaker stacks have been standing proud since 2009, but their affiliation with Notting Hill Carnival started in the early ’90s with their sister organisation Eyukamba Foundation.

Gladdy Wax Roadshow
A don of London’s reggae scene, Gladwin Wright boasts one of the world’s best reggae collections.

Love TKO
As the name suggests, this is a sweet spot for fans of lovers rock, soul and soca.

Mastermind Roadshow
Long-time Carnival pleasers with plenty of upfront R&B and soul. Sadly John Humphrys still hasn’t put in a guest appearance.

Celebrating 30 years at Carnival, the veteran Rapattack crew throw an extra-special party featuring everything from ’70s funk jams to ’90s house classics, right up to new R&B and hip hop joint

Nasty Love (Mixin Lab)
The place to head for a fix of dirty, dirty dancehall.

People’s Soundsystem
Setting up outside his record shop, the legendary Daddy Vego is your go-to man for all things Jamaican and reggae-related.

Pineapple Tribe
Oi oi! This raved-out crew always keep things jacking with a mix of techno, breakbeat and bass.

Sir Lloyd
A knight of the realm and the owner of some seriously soulful reggae.

SSP Soundsystem
UK garage and soulful house is the order of the day here.

The Fun Bunch
They may be based on the edge of Carnival, but this team’s mix of R&B and garage always manages to set things off regardless.

Sir Valdez
Hip hop and ragga beats from this veteran soundsystem.

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