Introducing Dionne Bromfield

A talented singer and songwriter aged 13 years old, Dionne Bromfield is the God daughter of Amy Winehouse. I first noticed her back in May when a youtube clip surfaced of Dionne singing Alicia Key’s If I aint got you, and then last week saturday another youtube clip came to light when Dionne on dancing with the stars with Amy Winehouse singing backup for her, the vocal performance was floor less. I am looking forward to hearing more from this refreshing and promising young talent.


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Cheryl Cole The New Face Of L’Oreal

X Factor judge and Girls Aloud Band member Cheryl Cole has become the new face of L”Oreal after being offered a lucrative deal from the French cosmetics and beauty products brand. In the latest UK advertising campaign Cheryl promotes a hair product called Elvive Full Restore 5.

Gayle Tait, L”Oreal Paris general manager said: “Cheryl is a glamorous, stylish and talented young woman whose warmth and charm has captivated the nation and helped to establish her as an inspiration to women throughout the UK.”
Cheryl Joins the Likes of Beyonce Knowles, Aishwarya Rai, Natalie, Eva Longoria Parker’s, Jennifer Aniston, Andie MacDowell, Doutzen Kroes, Kerry Washington, scarlett johansson, Natalie Imbruglia and other beautiful celebrity women from around the world. 

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Alexandra Burke Exclusive Live Session at MTV Studios

Rickie Haywood-Williams in glamourous suit
Alexandra Burke works the crowd
The beautiful and equally talented Alexandra Burke
All images courtesy of my camera/phone!
Hosted by MTV Presenter Rickie Haywood-Williams on Thursday the 15th October 2009, Alexandra Burke performed an exclusive live session at MTV studios. Alexandra recorded some pieces to camera for of VivaLive a new flagship music chart show for a new UK television station titled Viva. VivaTelevision is coming to freeview and will replace TMF. Alexandra wowed the studio audience with her skills as a presenter and liveperformances of Bad Boys, Hallelujah and an unreleased track They don’t know from her debut album Overcome which will be a sure fire hit. In between takes Alexandra spoke to fans,signed autographs and had her picture taken despite the fact that there was nocameras or flash photography allowed. Alexandra was pitch perfect and lookedamazing, the interview segment was an excellent part of the show. Thetaping of the show was an enjoyable experience. Alexandra really did hit the ball out of the damn park vocally and her performance to audience and camera was on point. 

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Who’s Going To Run This Ap Tonight?

Jay Z’ Empire state of Mind lyrics have been studied by who have put the locations mentioned by the New York Rap Superstar into a google map iphone application. The developers are using the trademark upside-down raindrops to locate every area given a shout-out in the song: Brooklyn, Tribeca, Harlem, 560 State Street, the World Trade Center, Bed-Stuy, Yankees stadium and other locations. This application is not yet available on the official Apple ap store. 

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Jin-What Happened To That Boy?

American Rap Artist and former Ruff Ryder Jin has migrated to Hong Kong and only releases over there now. Follow the link to watch Hong Kong Superstar featuring Daniel Wu:

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Beyonce and Lady Gaga Video Phone Video

                                           Beyonce and Lady Gaga Join Forces!

I heard a wicked whisper is going around that LadyGaga is going to feature on a remix of Beyonce’s video phone and they are dueto film a video soon. The whisper is in fact the truth as on October 7, Beyonce and Lady Gaga wereworking on the video together at a studio in New York. No images have surfacedin relation to the shoot. The fashion should be crazy I’m thinkingdiva to the power of ten which will have more value than E-mc2, I hope that Iam not left underwhelmed and that Beyonce can Bring it like Gaga is serving itin her video anthology from 2008. 

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Ryan Giggs in Sierra Leone

Footballer Ryan Giggs was in Sierra Leone to spread the message to the youth that Aids and HIV is real, as many people do not have access to sex education classes and others simply believe that Aids/HIV are a myth.  The Football legend knows that with great fame comes responsibility. Ryan’s great grandparents are from Sierra Leone and as an ambassador for Unicef, he has chosen to visit West African country in order to help stop the spread of HIV/Aids among young people. As premiership football is very popular the voice of an international football legend is an influential one. Ryan say’s “HIV and AIDS is having a devastating effect on children across the world, so through my position I hope to help UNICEF raise awareness about these important issues.” 

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Jade Ewen Talks To ThatGrapeJuice.Net

I was lucky enough to be on hand to film this interview with TGJ, this was prior to her decision to shelve  the solo album and pursue a new career with the Sugababes. Check out ThatGrapejuice.Net for more exclusive interviews news and views. This will be Jades 4th Record deal.

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Mutya Buena Talks Cosmetic Surgery

Fearless Original Sugababe Mutya Buena talks cosmetic surgery with Lorraine Kelly. lol

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Leona Lewis Punched In the Face

Leona Moments before the incident happened.

 Leona Lewis
Leona Lewis was at a book signing today when an unknown man punched herin her face. 
According to various news reports, Lewis wassigning autographs and posing for pictures with fans when a man from the linestepped up and punched her in the head. He was quickly restrained by securityguards and later arrested by police. The AssociatedPress reports that London’s Metropolitan police said a29-year-old man had been arrested on suspicion of assault and was being held incustody. “Leona was the victim of an unprovokedattack,” the singer’s rep said in a statement. “The police werecalled immediately and medical attention has been sought. Leona isunderstandably shaken and apologizes to the fans she was unable to meet andcomplete signings.” Photographs showLewis leaving Waterstone’s bookstore with sunglasses on and a pained expressionon her face. Reports indicate she was taken to a doctor as a precautionarymeasure. 

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