Photography for ES magazine : Who is Pharrell Williams?

“He’s the enigmatic musician-slash-super-producer who made Justin Timberlake cool, sees music in colour, and designs not one but two clothing lines. Amy Raphael gets a rare audience”.
“On a sunny afternoon in central Paris a people-carrier with blacked-out windows pulls into the courtyard of a recording studio and a posse of young men appears, blinking in the sunlight. I’m introduced to the smallest of them. His hair is cropped short, his denim skater shorts hang low, his black Timberlands are Tipp-Exed with the legends ‘Anxiety Tranquilized’ and ‘Boredom Amused’. There’s an awkward silence as we shake hands. It’s a great day, I tell him. A glimmer of a smile. ‘Thanks, ma’am.’ I don’t know what to say; I was alluding to the perfect sky, not the honour of meeting Pharrell Williams.”

Check out the full interview on ES magazine

[Photos Courtesy of Sabine Villiard]

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