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It’s that time. The suns out and the summer style is in full effect. But whether you’re soaking up sun on holiday or partying in the park, are you equipped on the eyewear front? 

Despite fancy price-tags, not all eyewear is created equal. Check the list below on three classic eyewear brands.





Classic models: Aviators, Wayfarer, Clubmasters:

Best worn: Trendy casual

In thee words: All American classic


Originally designed for U.S military pilots, by Bausch and Lomb. Raybans are arguably the worlds best known sunglass brand. Helped in part by famous celebrities wearing the brand everyone from JFK to Tom Cruise has helped make the brand what it is today. The frames feature glass lenses and are built to a solid standard. In 1999 the company was sold to Italian eyewear company Luxottica.


If Raybans were a car it would be a BMW. Well known, solid quality (your model may vary) versatile enough for sports and slightly smarter occasions. Frequently seen, stylish looks with roots in military design.




Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 13.51.54

“Omega watches and Persol sunglasses are his only wardrobe request”

George Clooney’s wardrobe stylist

Classic models: 714,649

Best worn:  Casual/Classic casual

In three words: Quintessential European flair

First developed in Italy for truck and race car drivers flying around sun-kissed Italian landscapes, Persol has developed its frames into one of the worlds most loved fashion items. Made most famous by a certain American style icon named Steve Mcqueen, Persol represents quintessential European flair with its hand crafted acetate frames and high quality crystal lenses. Last but not least they feature it patented meflecto design which allows the frames to flex at the temples ensuring the shape and design of the frames last as long as the wearer will. Finished off with the sharp but subtle arrow, they represent a style statement that has last almost one century.

The 714 model features a folding mechanism allowing the wearer to slip the frames into the top of their shirt pocket. While the 649’s nearly identical design are slightly rounder with a thicker shape.

If Persol’s were a car they would be a Porsche. Designed and built within a high and distinct specification which has remained largely the same since its original production. Can be worn casually as well as with blazers and suits.

Oliver People’s



“He also has a penchant for Valentino suits and Oliver Peoples sunglasses”

Christian Bale – American Psycho

Classic models: Airman, Victory 55. OP523, The Aero, Gregory Peck

Best worn: However you like

In three words:  Super. Dupa. Fly

After accidently stumbling across hundreds of mint vintage frames in the late eighties Larry leight established Oliver peoples in California creating some of the best looking frames known in the industry.

A true Hollywood favourite, with the cleanest designed retail shops this side of an Apple store, Oliver peoples has supplied eyewear across the film industry with classic frames such as the OP523 (Brad Pitt’s orange red frames used for fight club) The Gregory Pecks used in American Psycho to the victory 55’s made famous in burn notice.

The refreshing approach used with Oliver people is that they cook a fresh collection batch and when it’s gone, it really is gone. Stunning frames like the Airman (very quickly identically copied by Mr Tom Ford himself for Daniel Craig to wear in James Bond film Quantum of Solace) completely vanish once sold making a hunt for classic OP frame akin to collectors trying to track down a vintage Aston Martin.

Written by Dean Miller for i-likeitalot.com










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