Simple ways to increase your productivity using apps


Simple ways to increase your productivity using apps:

Clock in and Out: Need to improve your punctuality and time keeping at work, monitor your own clock in and out activity as well as your lunchtimes and daily notes with this useful app, also comes in handy when writing up your annual review as having these facts to hand allow you to manage yourself and query any incorrect facts on record from management who might not want to see you achieve your full potential, but want you to remain in the same job role for as little extra salary benefits as possible in order to satisfy head count. #A great tool to use if you are self employed.


Check Bus Times: Never miss a bus, plan your journeys with up to date information regarding bus arrivals whilst manoeuvring though the city.


Support the movement: Download the I Like It A Lot App – Get your music, fashion, lifestyle , culture and entertainment , gigs/ ticket information, discount codes, posts , view our social media for London and beyond. Designed to enhance your user experience via smart phones, the app is available for free via The Google Play / Apple App Store.


Download banking apps: Download the recommended banking app for all of your bank/ credit card/ loan providers – This allows you to keep on top of your finances on the go with up to date information regarding transactions and payments moving into and out of your account.


Start to run: Use Nike plus – keep a log of your runs, set goals, train, be active with Nike’s plus app, which contains the ability to track your runs via gps, sync runs to music and allows to have your own personal running coach for free. This app also works with Nike plus accessories such as fuel bands and headphones.


Remember your Password: Use Password Keeper – Keep all your passwords safe by vaulting them in a app which acts as a virtual keychain for all your passwords/ passkeys.


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