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To celebrate the capabilities of the iPhone 6 and have fun with what Apple’s latest smartphone can really do. The #AppAndAway event, took place on Saturday 28th February from 12:00pm at Three Mobile’s very own Discovery Zone in Maidenhead. Where we attended a Q&A demonstration lead by 3 introducing Apple’s iPhone 6/ 6 plus which are available with storage capacities of 16GB, 64GB and an impressive 128GM, in black, grey and gold colourways. View the full list of specifications via

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What I like most about the iPhone 6/ 6plus:

The iPhone 6 is 720p , iPhone 6 plus is 1080p full HD. All apps have been optimised for ios8 which now includes new features such as optional parental controls on app downloads. iTunes home allows you to share parts of your iTunes library with others in the same house hold. Also parental controls can be enabled so that you receive a notification as a parent when anyone who’s apple id is listed as a child underneath your own accounts purchases will require your approval depending on the restrictions you apply to the account, therefore you will receive a notification asking you to deny or approve the purchase request.

Reachability affords users of the bigger iPhone 6 plus model the ability to double tap to bring the screen down in order to be operated with one hand, which makes light work of drinking coffee and replying to messages, browsing the internet , using any function of Apple’s iPhone 6 plus single handed adds additional satisfaction and more comfort to the users experience. The 6 plus is big enough to be operated with two hands however the freedom of choice and ease at which the devise can be customised is unriviled. The recents addition of a across the top of apps bar allows the user to access the most recently contacted people with ease, which is extremely useful when you quickly want to reply to messages whilst using apps. Another great feature of io8 is the in app text/imessage notifications which allow you to reply to incoming messages without having to close an app down and navigate to iMessage seamlessly intergrated in a easy to use non intrusive translucent window box which does not interrupt the design of iOS8 apps and all round enhances the users experience improving productivity and efficiency.

Because Apple create the operating system, and design their own phones , in the app store everything appears to be cohesive and easily integrates with other apple products, which can be paired up and easily speak to third party accessories and devices which make perfect gifting ideas for yourself or another special someone if you are lucky enough to own a iPhone 6/ plus.

During the day i-likeitalot tested iSpy Tanks, iPhone Roachbots and the Sphero Ball 2.0, all of which were remote controlled via apps on the iPhone 6 handset. All fun Apple compatible devices which make great gifts.



iSpy Tanks,

– competitive robot wars style good clean nostalgic fun

All in all a fantastic #AppAndAway Event 5/5 including the end to a perfect day which concluded with food and drink, and riveting conversation.

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