Simple Storage Lease Agreement

PandaTip: The “Model” section below describes the tenant`s obligation to maintain the storage unit in a clean, orderly and safe condition. In the self-storage sector, the contract is not only the legal agreement between you and the consumer, but also a marketing tool. For this reason, the first essential part of your contract is aesthetics. It should be concise and printed in readable characters on as few pages as possible. It should display your company logo and contact information. The closest and most obvious needs are the actual conditions of the agreement. Of course, the monthly rent, the due date of payment and any late fees are important, but there are many other factors to consider: the tenant acknowledges that the unit is not used as an apartment, business place or for purposes other than the storage of personal property. Design it to make it less painful for you and the customer. A friendly, simple, points-friendly, fair and concise contract gives the customer the feeling that they are receiving a fair offer. A 10-page, 6-point rant that rivals the “Book of Leviticus” will not put him at ease. Take the time to read it with the tenant and make sure they understand. Any party may request the termination of this contract 30 days before the written notification. The notification must be made in writing and sent manually or by authenticated email to the responding party.

Use this full ezLandlordForms garage/storage lease to set the terms of your garage rental or storage. PandaTip: Use this model area for memory rental contracts to list all device-related costs. You can also list the expiry dates of this stock lease here. It doesn`t happen often, but it happens. You should consider having a particular language in your contract about how life in storage units is prohibited. No matter how bad you feel about a tenant`s situation, living in storage units can be dangerous and a great responsibility for your business.

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