Vb6 License Agreement Error

But if I doble-click on it to add it to the form, the following error is displayed: The following license information error may occur when you are trying to develop applications with MapObjects MapObjects control. Line 422: MSComm control cannot be loaded; I couldn`t find a license. The license information for this component has not been found. You do not have an appropriate license to use this feature in the design environment. This will update the design licenses for these controls. If a control is installed only for execution (z.B the application created by Visual Basic), if the visual development environment is then installed on the same computer and the existing control has the same version or more than that of the CD, the license key for that control is not updated. Key Summary: VBUSC. EXE installs design time licenses for the above controls when Visual Basic is detected on the computer. A former collaborator wrote some programs with VB6. We are now trying to migrate them to VS2008 using the Visual Basic upgrade assistant. After a few obstacles, we came to a major obstacle with respect to some Sheridan controls used in the program. The assistant gives us this error: “The components referenced SSCommand SSCommand SSCommand Lack of design time licenses.” After searching for a solution on the net, I found the following facts: The solution that worked for me was to run the VBCTRLS file.

REG on the installation disk (common/tools/VB/controls). He recorded the check. I no longer received the error and I was able to run the program from the IDE If more than one copy of the Mo20.OCX is stored on the computer, only a copy can appear in the operating system record. If an unauthorized copy of the Mo20.OCX is stored on the system, the control cannot be used in a development environment at the time of design. This error may also occur if other licensed components, which are not MapObjects components, are used without the license information being properly recorded. The error is gone and my old programs, which have the ThreeD panel, are now properly loaded and executed. If you use the Sheridan controls included in Visual Basic, you can either install the old ActiveX control licenses on CD VB 6.0, or download from the MS KB article below.

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