Alternate Work Location Agreement Uf

If you answered “yes” to the above questions and decided to allow an employee to work on an isolated site: because of these complexities and risks, employees in another state or country should not work alone for their own comfort. UF services should consult with UF Human Resources before considering assigning or recruiting staff to work at other sites outside Florida or the United States. Any competent adult at least 18 years of age can be your health substitute. Ask this person if they agree to act for you before finalizing your pre-directive. You can also choose a second person as an alternative if your first choice is not available or if you are not in the position to make decisions on your behalf. If you appoint your spouse to replace health care and divorce later, your spouse`s appointment will be revoked unless you say otherwise in your advance directive. For more information on granting employment in another workplace in the United States, see the Alternative Workplace Directive. A full and signed copy of the Alternative Work Location Agreement (a filling-up PDF document) must be e-mailed to for classification and compensation. In determining the feasibility of an employee working from another site, consideration should be given to the following: with an ever-changing and diverse workforce, the University of Florida recognizes both the value of telework in promoting a flexible work environment and the need to recruit staff to work on another site in order to promote the goals of the institution and UF departments. In general, it is not a problem that employees work remotely from a site in Florida. However, if the alternative site is located outside Florida or the United States, this agreement may have legal and financial consequences for both the establishment and the employee.

Other states and countries have additional tax and legal laws and requirements, and it will be very time-consuming and costly for the institution to comply with these requirements. 3. Policy Statement The practice of working on a remotely authorized site rather than physically moving to a central station is an alternative to work that University of Florida superiors can offer staff if these requirements meet the eligibility set by the Alternative Directive on University of Florida sites and whether such work agreements benefit the organization and staff who can meet the needs and the scope for monitoring allows staff to work at remote sites. Academic, team, USPS and PAHO staff have the right to work on an isolated site immediately after they are hired. University of Florida superiors are under no obligation to enter into this agreement, and the University of Florida has the right to refuse to work on an isolated site and/or terminate the agreement at any time, as the application meets the established criteria. The assignment of a remote position is not a benefit, duration or condition of employment. An employee who chooses to work on an isolated alternative site has the right to return to his old work schedules at any time after 14 days of schedule at the office or to exercise his rights in accordance with the current guidelines for family and medical leave or the University of Florida vacation policy.

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