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An article shared by Goodreads (@goodreads) on May 20, 2020 at 12:52 p.m. PDT Read the perfectly titled beach – wait – “Beach Read” to “Big Summer,” which talks about former friends gathered for a summer wedding, these books will actually help separate the world now. A sheikh, his innocent… and their desert wedding! USA TODAY BEST author Heidi Rice does a lot of drama in this royal wedding of romantic convenience! We asked Goodreads literary experts about the trendiest escapist books right now. That is, books that take your head (and have no plot points about pandemics or quarantine). There is a science, which also makes a book fashionable. Goodreads lists the number of members who mark a “read” book. It`s like a virtual bookmark and it`s how Goodreads helps us choose the most anticipated books that come out each month. Yes, but beyond that, if you are curious, especially who read the story in Wattpad, well only deh hehehe. Plus, you`ll see Ricis` fun behavior here and there on a skateboard.

It`s a film that can fill the saturation of #dirumahsaja when the Corona epidemic hit. You can use iflix dong 🙂 When Bian comes home, Tari suggests that the deal will be changed. He asks Bian not to see Sarah in public. Bian finally agreed, but the next morning. Tari is entitled to compensation (which she does not explain if Bian gets caught with Sarah in front of someone else). It turns out that after, pakde and bude Tari come and plan to stay in their house. Tari doesn`t know, and they have a club trying to get Tari`s belongings into Bian`s room without being seen by Pakde-Bude. After that, they chatted at dinner and continued the show. There is a chase at the airport and Tari tells Bian confidently that if they separate, they will see each other again when Tari fervently prays to God by turning his hand.

Very quickly, Bian`s phone rang, and it turned out that there was bad news: Sarah was in an accident. He let Bian go to the hospital. Aldi meets Tari in hospital. When they want to go into the room to watch, Bian and Sarah kiss. Tari felt devastated and very sad. Although Bian Tari is indifferent, however, all his needs are still prepared by the washed clothes as well as the breakfast and provisions prepared by his wife.

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