Copy Of Agreement For Voluntary Coverage Format

6.Download the code letter and send it to the EPFO office with copies of all necessary documents and a copy of the completed application. Reserve all original documents available to EPFO authorities during the post-coverage inspection In addition to completing the digital signature process, you must file Form 9 and a signature sample. This is a printed copy with the list of employees of the PF branch concerned. For each new employee, this form can be submitted monthly or quarterly. Dry. This contribution exceeds 12% of an employee`s contribution to his or her ETH. The maximum contribution can reach 100% of his base salary and his Dearness Allowance. Interest is earned at the same rate as the ETH. A: VPF is the extension of the EPF. On an EPF account, a person must give 12% of his base salary and his Dearness Allowance to the Fund.

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