How Can International Agreements Help Climate Change

The Paris Agreement establishes a global framework to avoid dangerous climate change by limiting global warming to well below 2°C and making efforts to limit it to 1.5°C. It also aims to strengthen the capacity of countries to cope with the effects of climate change and to support them in their efforts. For COP21, countries were invited to develop declarations on “Planned National Contributions” (INDCs) which are each country`s individual commitments (a) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (a reduction strategy) and/or b) to reduce their vulnerability to climate change (an adaptation strategy). Unlike the Kyoto Protocol, these country-specific contributions served as the basis for the Paris Agreement. Paris Convention, 2015. The most important global climate agreement to date, the Paris Agreement, requires all countries to make commitments to reduce emissions. Governments set targets known as national contributions, with the aim of preventing the global average temperature from exceeding the pre-industrial level by 2°C (3.6°F) and strive to keep it below 1.5°C (2.7°F). It also aims to achieve, during the second half of the century, net emissions for which the amount of greenhouse gases emitted corresponds to the amount removed from the atmosphere. (It`s also called climate neutral or climate neutral.) The EU and its Member States are involved in international efforts to combat climate change under the UN Convention on Climate Change. Conferences of the Parties (COP) The highest decision-making body of the UNFCCC is the annual Conference of the Parties (COP). All parties to the convention may participate.

Representatives of companies, international organizations, interest groups and associations shall have observer status. It will also allow the parties to gradually increase their contribution to the fight against climate change in order to achieve the long-term objectives of the agreement. The EU is at the forefront of international efforts to combat climate change. It played an important role in mediating the Paris Agreement and continues to play a global leadership role. The Paris Agreement maintains the first realization made at the UNFCCC that countries have markedly different capacities to prevent and adapt to the consequences of climate change. . . .

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