Transfer Of Receivables Agreement

`The creditor may assert, before the contemptuous person responsible for the guarantee, the following rights: The Law of Obligations of Turkey (“TCO”) No. 6098 regulates the transfer of claims to Articles 183 et seq.: TCO regulates the transfer of claims in the corresponding articles under three main titles as a voluntary, legal and judicial transfer and, in practice, the most frequent transfer is observed as a voluntary transfer of claims. It is not necessary to obtain the debtor`s authorization to transfer the claim in order to obtain results. However, some provisions are regulated by the TCO in order to protect the debtor, whose consent is not available and who does not even need to be informed for the transfer of the claim to be valid. In this context, the first issue concerning the debtor`s condition is that the debtor is admitted to debt relief on the basis of the benefit in good faith. Therefore, if the debtor is not informed by the beneficiary of the heir or by the buyer that the claim is transferred, he can be discharged from his debt by acting in good faith vis-à-vis the previous creditor. The transfer of the claim under the TCO is the addition of a third party who assumes responsibility for the debt relationship, which is usually bilateral. Although the consent of the debtor is not a legal condition for the payment of the claim; In practice, it is customary to inform the debtor of this transfer in order to prevent the debtor from remediating his debts in good faith. By means of an asset purchase agreement concluded [date] (the contract of sale), the assignor has agreed to sell to the purchaser, at the price and under the terms included in the contract of sale, the right and shares of the assignor in and on all the assets used by the transferor in the performance of a vehicle and equipment lease transaction, including all vehicle leases granted by the assignor (leases) of all payments made under this Agreement, all leased vehicles and all rights and remedies under this Agreement or Agreement that facilitate or ensure performance by leased property. Finally, in accordance with Article 190; “The buyer is obliged to provide the new creditor with the information necessary to obtain the claim and other documents relating to the proof of guilt and the act of guilt.” therefore, the assignment of the claim gives the hageage company the responsibility to hand over the document and documents relating to the claim and to transmit the necessary information. As is clear from the letter of the law; Since this debt is a transaction related to the assignment of the receivable, it has no secondary qualifications and is regulated as part of the original debt. . . .

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