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To begin with, it helps to understand the terminology and options. There are several options for commercial leases. In a full-service lease or gross lease, the tenant pays the base rent and the landlord pays for utilities, insurance, taxes and other operating costs of the building. This is where the “loss factor” of rental space versus usable space comes into play, as the tenant also pays for part of the common areas. “[With a lease], you also invest in your company`s brand,” he said. “Think carefully about where you want to build your footprint and what kind of image a particular neighborhood or facility conveys. Make sure your legal and real estate advisors help you design a strategy that works for the future of your business. A commercial lease is a legal document that sets out the rights and obligations between a landlord and a tenant with respect to industrial property, offices or warehouses. I have a contract for 204 units, I think it would be a perfect main lease scenario. How do I get my hands on a copy of your master lease? Although we form the basis of a comprehensive and professionally drafted contract, you are always free to negotiate and modify the terms of the commercial or retail lease according to your personal situation. 1. Duration: This is the duration of the rental contract.

“Always make sure it fits your business plan. The agreement also outlines any options you have as a tenant to renew the lease. For example, the initial lease may be for a five-year term, but there may be a five-year extension option. This increases security if you have long-term business needs. Unlike commercial or residential leases, commercial leases are not as heavily regulated, giving you more flexibility in negotiating an agreement that protects the interests of both parties. If you only have one question, wouldn`t one of these types of landlords be dealing with someone who can buy the property in cash and give it to them at a discount rather than structuring a master lease that the landlord still has to stay in the transaction until the end of the main lease, why would they want to do it if they are immediately with a cash buyer at a discounted price? Hey Peter I have a lot of appreciation for your teachings and videos on youtube. I just enrolled in the protected program, I hope I will be selected. I currently have money to invest, but I think instead of another type of real estate investment, I can benefit from starting with a main lease. I would like to know where to start my search for these types of properties.

Hi Peter: The video was very knowledgeable and something to note. .

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