The Bourne Legacy Trailer

If you haven’t seen this already here is the trailer for The Bourne Legacy. No it doesn’t star Matt Damon from the original three films, but Jeremy Renner (Who heroically burned to death as Doyle in “28 Weeks Later” and also appeared as Hawkeye in Avengers Assemble) certainly looks like he can fill his shoes. It’s also written and directed by Tony Gilroy who penned the first three films.

Jeremy plays another agent who’s battling against forces inside the US government who apparently for political reasons, not only want to kill him, but all of the agents in the Trent-Stone program. Why not just leave them alone in their wooden shacks in the mountains? It’s not clear from the trailer, but it looks like it involves a few explosions. So who cares really?

The Bourne Legacy opens in the UK August 13th.

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Robocop 2013 viral trailer

What’s that? Robocop remake I hear you say? Why yes, Sony Pictures is continuing the trend for Sci-Fi remakes with a Robocop reboot scheduled for release in 2013 and directed by José Padilha. Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson and Hugh Laurie are rumoured to be on board, and will star Joel Kinnaman as Alex Murphy.

In order to give their advertising campaign momentum, Sony have created this viral advert which poses as showcase for Omnicorp, the corrupt corporation which runs the police force of the future.

At a time when the Mayor of London is promoting the idea of a privatised Metropolitan police force, you’d be forgiven for confusing this with a conservative party political broadcast.

Sony have also created an Omnicorp website which you can view here.

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Quentin Tarantino: Django Unchained Trailer

Once again the Q-T is back to show everyone how to make movies… too bad we’ll have to wait till Christmas for this one!

Kanye West for Anja Rubik’s 25 Magazine

“For the launch of Anja Rubik’s new magazine, 25, photographer and director Barnaby Roper teamed up with Kanye West to make a video dedicated to the issue’s theme of eroticism. Rubik knew West from bumping into him at various fashion events over the years, and they became close friends when he started working on his clothing line (she’s since opened both of his runway shows, and he rapped about her in “Way Too Cold”). “He’s like a machine, not only with music but also with fashion and videos,” Rubik told us earlier this week. “He’s a workaholic, and always talking about all these crazy thoughts and images running through his head.”

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I-Likeitalot US Looper Trailer

This is the latest trailer from the movie we highly anticipate it comes with extra footage added to the one we’ve already seen. Despite the odd Special effect used to make Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s face look more like a younger Bruce Willis we particularly excited about Bruce’s return to a real action role that made him famous with the original Die Hard. It also look like there is a renaissance of proper Sci-Fi in the wake of bad movies like Transformers. You can see this with the remake of Total Recall coming later this year as well as a re-release of the original Schwarzenegger version.

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Madea’s Witness Protection [Movie Trailer]

“For years, George Needleman (Levy), the gentle CFO of a Wall Street investment bank, has been living with his head in the clouds. His frustrated second wife, Kate (Richards), has reached her limit taking care of his senile mother, Barbara (Roberts). His teenage daughter, Cindy (Danielle Campbell), is spoiled beyond hope and his seven-year-old son, Howie (Devan Leos), wishes his father were around more. But George is finally forced to wake up when he learns that his firm, Lockwise Industries, has been operating a mob-backed Ponzi scheme–and that he’s been set up as the fall guy.”

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Plan B Ill Manors [Movie Trailer]

Plan B developed Ill Manors to highlight world majority of people don’t believe exists:
“Best known so far for his music career, Plan B today releases his hard-hitting directorial debut Ill Manors – an eye-opening portrait of crime on the streets of Britain – and talked about his intentions for making the movie. The film depicts prostitution, drug abuse, violence and gang culture, tracing the individuals right back to the source of their predicament, which lead to the situation that they find themselves in. Plan B aka Ben Drew has insisted that, despite all of the events occurring in the space of a week, the film is indeed an accurate depiction of what happens in some areas of London.”

Ill Manors is out in the UK cinemas today

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Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues [Official Teaser]

Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell), Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd) & Brick Tamland (Steve Carell) & Champ Kind (David Koechner) of San Diego’s Channel 4 News Team are back together again for Anchorman 2. Watch the official teasers below. Especially the jean-creaming edition You’ll Loved It if you’ve seen the first One.

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SKYFALL – Official Teaser Trailer

The first SKYFALL trailer was released today, giving fans all over the world a thrilling glimpse of the 23rd James Bond adventure. SKYFALL will be in cinemas in the UK from October 26th, 2012 and in US theatres from November 9th.

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The Amazing Spiderman [4-minutes Trailer]

Sony Pictures has brought online a four-minute “super preview” of The Amazing Spider-Man. The extended clip is essentially the official trailer released nearly two weeks ago, preceded by 90 seconds of new footage don’t want to tell you too much. As the movie won’t be out until July 3rd so meanwhile press play

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