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Social Soul


“Ever wondered what it’s like to be inside someone else’s social media stream? As part of this year’s TED conference in Vancouver, Delta Air Lines collaborated with MKG to let visitors find out. Working with artists Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald, the result was Social Soul – a completely immersive digital installation that surrounded visitors with their various Twitter streams.”

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Sony Xperia Z2 Advert


Sony Xperia features the use of an unreleased Michael Jackson track titled “Slave To The Rhythm.” which is expected to be listed on posthumous album, Xscape. Watch the brand partnership between MJ, Sony Music and Sony Mobile in the short commercial for the Xperia Z2,  smart phone which is waterproof below.

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Introducing Android Wear Developer Preview


Android Wear extends the Android platform to wearables, starting with a familiar form factor — watches.

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Beats by Dre x Cesc Fabregas: Hear What You Want

Cesc Fabregas x Beats_0

“Soccer star Cesc Fabregas wears his Beats Studio Wireless to block out distractions and get in the zone. Watch him find his focus as he prepares to dominate in the “Hear What You Want” director’s cut.” – Featuring Music by Aloe Blacc – “The Man.” View the cinematic clip below

Design Technology

Jack Rabbit Headphone Splitter


A new sociable way to be anti-social, share your music in full stereo and not just in one ear. No longer will you just hear the drum beat while your friend gets the awesome guitar solo. With Jack Rabbit Headphone Splitter you both use your own headphones but listen to the exact same song, at the exact same time, from the exact same device. Just plug 2 pairs of headphones into the Rabbit’s ears. Fully compatible with the controls and mic on iPhone and other devices, available Here


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Cabelet Charging Bracelet by Kyte&Key


Stylish and functional, the Cabelet Charging Bracelet by Kyte&Key features a genuine braided leather band and a stainless bronze metal clasp, View more on their Web-store.


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USB Portable Amazing Humidifier


This portable device is USB powered and works to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria from the air.
Simply attach this little device to the top of your bottled water (Evian, Smart, etc) and watch as your oxygen becomes richer and cleaner.

Simply attach this little device to the top of your bottled water (Evian, Smart, etc) and watch as your oxygen becomes richer and cleaner, available right here


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Lady Gaga – Artpop Announcement


Lady Gaga has started the promotion of third studio album ArtPop. And released the below statement to fans via social network website facebook…ARTPOP | THE SINGLE 8.19 | PRE-ORDER ALBUM/APP 9.1 | ALBUM/APP RELEASE 11.11


Design Technology

The Kii Ensures You Have an iPhone Charger with You Everywhere


Carrying around a charging cord for an iPhone, iPad or iPod is no fun, but it’s a necessity if you want to keep your device alive. The Kii is a small, key-shaped charging connector that fits right on your keychain so you always have it.

The Kii is shaped to look exactly like a key and it hooks onto your keychain so it’s easy to carry around. The Kii plugs into any powered USB port, so provided you can find a computer somewhere you’ll be able to charge your device. The Kii comes in two forms, a 30-pin version for the iPhone 4S and earlier for $19.95, and a lightning version for the iPhone 5.

Kii – Empowering your keychain from Bluelounge on Vimeo.

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Rando The Random Photo-Sharing App By Ustwo


Our Bigga Brotha Protein hooked us up with this exciting new App called Rando, Exactly like BasketBall Players that plays for the Boston Celtics but play that App plays a different Role, here is what Joe says about it :

“Rando is an app that is aiming to inject a little mystery back into proceedings. It delivers a single photo to a complete stranger without any details other than roughly where it was taken geographically and the sender seeing approximately where it ‘lands’. Acting as a way of recreating the nostalgic lack of information associated with film photography, much like Thirty Six, the app that digitally recreates the experience of shooting on a 36 shot roll of film, Rando, put together by design studio ustwo, seems like a refreshing way of dialing down on the information overload.”

As said by earlier by Joe the App created by U.K. mobile games and app developer studio ustwo, in other words each of your photos are randomly sent to another user and you never know who gets it so perfectly said “randos”, Just Downloaded it and Ready to randomly send to another user as you never know who gets it, totally random.