powerbeats By Dr Dre x Lebron James

Sound is energy.

Music is a powerful motivator. As a kid, it was my escape. Now it is the driving force that takes my training to a whole other level. No matter if I’m on the court or off the court, music is instilled into my soul and keeps me going. Powerbeats represent everything that music means to me.

LeBron James AKA King James

LeBron James collaborates with Dr Dre on the latest addition to the beats headphone range – powerbeats. These compact but powerful beats headphones are the perfect addition to your staple gym kit. Whether working out in the gym, at home or cross country against the elements. These fashionable and functional headphones are perfect, on the weight bench, on the treadmill, whilst skipping they manage to stay secure without compromising your over all look or restricting your body movement. The subtle green colour splash is the equivalent of a racing stripe on a race car and the attention to detail and technology applied to the overall powerbeats headphones adds to the quality and charm off one of the best designed pair of sports headphones to be released by monster ever, clear sound, deep base, volume/ talk controls as standard.

Available in Black, White, Black/Red and now White/Green.

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