I-Likeitalot Clothsurgeon LookBook Autumn/Winter 2012

London-based designer Rav Matharu released the first menswear collection for Clothsurgeon, while In London we’ve discussed with A$AP Rocky and he mention that he really appreciated this brand and it sparked our curiosity. We really appreciate the cuts and the quality of the fabrics, on the top of that the creativity of the design is on point, Look at the gallery we’ve set up below. We liked it a lot two pieces of this collection, which are the bomber Jacket. A piece you can rock in this upcoming tough Autumn/Winter while going out for a Date of many different occasions it will suit many occasions. The second Article is the Sweater accompanied by leather sleeves. Excellent for a photo-shoot, Video or Party Worn with a classic levis 501 wind worn or Row, You will be Killin em. Peep the Gallery below

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