Papa Spice: The Exciting Afro-Brit Pop Up Restaurant Open In London

papa spice kitchen

Afro-Brit cuisine specialists Papa Spice bring their unique chilli sauce and marinade range to life via a pop up restaurant in West London’s desirable Maida Vale location. View the full menu, address and read more about Papa spices’ origins below. x papa spice

“PaPa Spice has been created by two British Gambian brothers – Farra and Lawrence Gomez, using a recipe handed down by their father Joseph Gomez. PaPa Gomez worked as a personal Head Chef for the President of Gambia for over 25 years. The African recipe has been infused with herbs and spices normally associated with traditional British dishes to create Afro-Brit™ cuisine. It was only appropriate to name the sauces PaPa Spice as the original recipe was created by PaPa Gomez. He spent over 25 years perfecting his recipe in his capacity as personal Head Chef for the President of Gambia Sir Dawda Jawara. During this time, the recipe was used to serve many heads of state from all over the world. The fusion between African and British cultures has existed for centuries. In 1992 Farra and his elder brother were selected to represent Gambia for the 40th anniversary of The Queen Elizabeth II’s accession. This wonderful occasion presented the opportunity for Farra to taste various cuisines from all over the world, but none that fused the African culture he was familiar with and the British upbringing he was now accustomed to.”

Papa Spice

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