What We Are Listening To: (New Music)


Streaming music via paid subscription or for free legally is helping keep emerging talents and the record industry a float. In times when a variety of new and interesting musicians can release new music independently as well as creating a huge social media fan following without the assistance of major labels, there now more than ever seems to be more choice and a range of various different styles of music which traditionally may have only existed in certain sub cultures and may be considered too far left of mainstream, however a side effect of the freedom to listen to a wide array of music is that there is no filter or indicator to suggest what is worth avoiding. For this reason we have decided to give you an opportunity to listen to new music which may not be commercially successful immediately but would be our choice of ones to watch:


Wild Belle:

Wild Belle are a American Indie Rock Band consisting of brother and sister Elliot and Natalie Bergman, hailing from Chicago, Illinois. Wild Belle recently released their debut album “Isles.” on March 12th, 2013. The awesome album consists of a sophisticated approach to writing songs and composition which blends Ska, Raggae, Rock, Funk and Jazz influences. Sounds like:

Bastille Test Shoot, W. Common


Bastille are a band hailing from South London, England, formed in 2010. Bastille started out as a solo project by singer-songwriter Dan Smith, who later decided to form a band who are currently signed to Virgin Records UK. Currently Bastille’s #1 album is available via itunes and consists of alternative indie rock hits. Sounds like:


Laura Mvula:

Laura Mvula is a British soul singer-songwriter from Birmingham. Her debut album Sing to the Moon, was released on March 4, 2013 and is currently #9 on the UK album chart. Her voice is a powerful, distinctive and soulful voice. The content of her beautifully arranged songs is expressive, inspiring and refreshing. Her debut album an unexpected treasure which we cannot stop listening to. Sounds Like:

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The Cinema Experience: “To The Wonder” at the Cineworld Haymarket


Welcome to our new regular feature on the Cinema Experience. Being huge fans of Film, in addition to reviewing some of the latest movies (as well as a few classics) we’ll be writing about an overlooked side of going to the cinema – the venue itself. We want to showcase the kind of places that get everything just right to make you actually want to come back rather than just cramming people into a featureless multiplex.

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Street Style At London Fashion Week


Take a look at some of the best looks from around Somerset House featuring contributions from Victoria, Proudlock and Millie from television show Made In Chelsea during London Fashion Week February 15th-19th 2013. Shot by Marcus Dawes for LFW Daily.

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Lynx Space Academy UK Launch (With Buzz Aldrin, Daisy Lowe, George Lamb and Dynamo)


Earlier on this week, I received an omninous invitation from Lynx to attend an event in Wimbledon Studios where there would be “…an announcement from a living legend.”

Intrigued by this I braved the rush-hour tube ride on the Northern line to the depths of South London to be greeted by an Astronaut who led us to the launch of the Lynx Space Academy.

On arrival you could have mistaken the launch for an episode of Battlestar Gallactica. There were girls in 70’s Sci-Fi costumes, Aliens who looked like Danny Dyer, space candy and a cloakroom that looked like a lunar landing module. Entertainment was provided by Dynamo who flirted with the crowd through the medium of magic. George Lamb was master of ceremonies whilst Daisy Lowe was the celebrity DJ.

After a two hour countdown and copious amount of beverages, Buzz Aldrin appeared on a giant screen to tell the world that Lynx are running a worldwide competition to be one of 22 people to get a free ride into Space aboard the Lynx SXC. Then the shuttle was revealed in all it’s glory, and the party continued into the small hours.

article-0-16D34F0D000005DC-528_634x416Buzz2Space Shuttle revealed.Drunken Astronaut.photo-6article-0-16D34EF8000005DC-655_634x430article-0-16D3AE1B000005DC-275_634x394article-0-16D3ADEA000005DC-870_634x481Astronauts from Lynx Space Academy appear in London.

You may have already seen the adverts on TV for the Lynx Space Academy, but if not here it is below.

The Lynx SXC Space shuttle will be on display at Westfield White City on the 12th and 13th of January. To be in with a chance of winning a ticket click here.

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i-likeitalot the Air Jordans


Before the Air yeezy jump over the jumpman lets’ reminisce why we like them a lot. how the iconic shoes bearing the jumpman reached another level of popularity for the last five years. Simple, like the previous generation the masses identify themselves to the living legend of Michael jordan. His will to win, his passion for the game and always giving his whole energy for what he love made him a brand people trust. Micheal jordan not only influenced basket ball but also fashion and a whole hip-hop culture, he left his name in history and even long after he stopped his basketball carreer, the jumpman shoes are still going strong as the youth recognize what he stood, his beliefs as he fought for his dream and was absolutly fearless. while trend setters such as Teyana taylor, Kid Cudi, Kanye west & Jay-z rocked Jordans it has only skyrocketted the brand. Let’s take a road to memory lane after the jump


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I-Likeitalot : Editorial LookBook

Imagine a post apocalyptic world, set in the near future in which only hustlers survive after all children under the age of eighteen and majority of the worlds population have been wiped out by a deadly virus, the city is no longer safe, leaving tribes of adults to survive in a derelict urban environment and forcing groups tribes into the rural country side. The mise en scene for the photoshoot a hazardous abandoned car factory, and the beautiful and tranquil forests outside of the city: the photoshoot captures the transition from the city to the forest as tribes that only wear colours red, white, blue and black. The tribe lookbook juxtaposes indoors against outdoors, darkness against light, man made against nature.


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powerbeats By Dr Dre x Lebron James

Sound is energy.

Music is a powerful motivator. As a kid, it was my escape. Now it is the driving force that takes my training to a whole other level. No matter if I’m on the court or off the court, music is instilled into my soul and keeps me going. Powerbeats represent everything that music means to me.

LeBron James AKA King James

LeBron James collaborates with Dr Dre on the latest addition to the beats headphone range – powerbeats. These compact but powerful beats headphones are the perfect addition to your staple gym kit. Whether working out in the gym, at home or cross country against the elements. These fashionable and functional headphones are perfect, on the weight bench, on the treadmill, whilst skipping they manage to stay secure without compromising your over all look or restricting your body movement. The subtle green colour splash is the equivalent of a racing stripe on a race car and the attention to detail and technology applied to the overall powerbeats headphones adds to the quality and charm off one of the best designed pair of sports headphones to be released by monster ever, clear sound, deep base, volume/ talk controls as standard.

Available in Black, White, Black/Red and now White/Green.

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Wireless festival: Vodafone VIP Barclaycard festival App

So Wireless is finally here, and those of you with tickets are likely to be asking yourself a lot of questions. Where are the stages? Which act is on when? Where can I buy a beverage? What is the meaning of life? What is the evolutionary purpose of having earlobes?

Well thankfully the folks down at Vodafone have created a free App to help you answer at least some of these questions and to navigate your way through the weekend. The official app gives you the full line-up, personalised schedules, maps and social networking tools

One of the useful features we noticed is the “My Schedule” feature which allows you to create a personalised schedule of performances. Very handy indeed.

This App is also part of Vodafone VIP, which gives the lucky buggers who are on Vodafone exclusive access to phone charging points, viewing platforms and backstage tours. Find out how to get involved here.

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A$AP Rocky Interview

i-likeitalot.com recently caught up with rapper A$AP Rocky, the self-confessed pretty mother fucker representing Harlem during his short stop over in London, England. Check out the full interview below.

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A$Ap Rocky Shouts Out I-Likeitalot.com

i-likeitalot.com recently caught up with the self-confessed pretty mother fucker representing Harlem during his short stop over in London, England. Below A$AP shout’s out the blog, keep checking back for the full interview, coming soon…

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