Dancing Robot Music@ Halloween Full Moon Fright Night

Halloween is just a few days away. Afew events that are happening but word on the street is that the place to bethis Saturday night is full moon at the Coronet. Expect an atmosphere composed of pure pleasure, a Spooky Halloween Freakshow with Psycho Horror Clowns, GrimReaper Stilt Walkers, Huge Horror Movie Projections, Scary dwarves, Fire Poi,Free Glowsticks, Fake Blood and Lasers and a Ringmaster hosting the entireshebang, and look forward to Dancing Robot Musicplaying the best eclectic, electro rave. Expect a night that is spectacular andepic, several rooms playing DirtyPop Mash-Ups, Indie, House, Electro. R’n’b, DNB, Dubstep & Breaks. Andrew and George (DRM) keep their sets slick, flashy and professional,unlike other dj’s that kill the vibe by playing one track after the otherwithout being able to mix, DRM continue to connect with their fans by creatingunique, fresh sounds and a euphoric vibe which moves people like art. Hear the crowd cheer, screamed and roarfor wonk fidget electro. The preview from the last Full Moon speaks for itself: (I think i’ll be dressing up as an extra from skins)

Saturday 31st October: Full Moon The Coronet Theatre28 New Kent Road, LONDON SE1 6TJ 
£7, Early Bird Online, £10 Standard, £15 VIP- Limited Availability @ http://www.roughhill.co.uk/event.php?eid=18799 

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Introducing Heartbeats by Lady Gaga

Think fashion forward noise cancellingheadphones. Heartbeats are the latest headphone in the Beats by Dr. Dre rangedue to arrive in stores in November. Heartbeats designed by Lady GaGa will beavailable in all black, white with pink headphones and in all white. Thesewould make an excellent Christmas gift and should cost between £50.00-£60.00.
Here lady gaga is at a press conferencepromoting her new headphones.

Here is another clip of Lady Gaga in Paris, she is so edgy and cooky. She is always spot on with music, style and performance. She is one of few artists to get the balance correct.

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Cash Money and Young Money’s European Tour Diary

Cash Money and Young Money Present day 5 of the European tour in London, UK. This was the final day in the UK before leaving for day 6 on the tour schedule in Paris. Birdman’s people do a bit of car shopping and then Weezy and Birdman perform on stage.
During day 6 and 7 of the Cash Money and Young Money European tour in Paris, France. Birdman spends around $55,000 which converted is equivalent to £33,685.11 in a Louis Vuitton store. Young Money family perform on stage where the arena is packed to full capacity and fans are losing their minds.

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Clocks Go Back By One Hour

Please remember to set your clocks back by one hour on Sunday 25th October 2009 at 02.00 Hours GMT and gain an extra hour for that extended shut eye. Alternatively feel free to use your extra hour to make the most of the wide range of events and activities taking place across London, be it something spooky for Halloween, a night on the town, a quality taste experience or even something more cultured. You can find a whole host of events and venues posted on I like it a lot.

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Is That A Gun Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

An X ray machine which makes thermal images of passengers has been introduced at manchester airport as a pilot set up to help staff spot hidden weapons or explosives. The full body scanner at Manchester Airport can also identify breast enlargements, piercings, false limbs and genitals. Passengers have the choice of the traditional hand pat body search or the virtual strip search. The X Ray machine has been described as generating naked images and for this reason the images are deleted immediately and are only seen by a single member of staff in an isolated room. Manufacturers Rapiscan have said that the images are in no way pornographic and will make the check in more efficient as passengers will not have to remove shoes, belts or coats. The department of transport will decided after a year of trials whether to install these machines at British Airports.

Searching question: many suspicious items highlighted on a scanned image.

Here is another example of the x ray scanners accuracy courtesy of youtube:

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VIVA Television Launch: Stick It Up Your Viva

MTV presents TMF rebranded as VIVA.The launch date is Monday 26 October from 4pm. Viva boasts new episodes of The Hills and Pants Off Dance Off. There’s also a brand new racing car show called Slips that’s hosted by Huey Morgan which will see two aspiring racing drivers pimp their vehicles and then race each other, think legal drag race and true to the illegal drag race subculture rules the winner takes home both cars. X factor winner and chart topper Alexandra Burke will present as well as performing tracks from her new album. As I was at the taping of VIVA live at MTV I can confirm that she really is a brilliant vocal talent and a true performer. Alexandra performed Hallelujah and They don’t know and Bad Boys in that order.

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Amber Rose Cloned

According to Amber’s Twitter status this isn’t her.

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3 out of 3 Failed Attempts At Buying Jay Z Tickets

I have managed to secure myself tickets for Beyonce, Kanye West et al however when attempting to buy Jay-Z tickets this is never a successful transaction. After failing to obtain tickets for the Roundhouse, more tickets for the Alexandra Palace, 4th November show were on sale. I was ready from 8.45am with credit card in hand, heart beat racing while I was simultaneously attempting to book online and talk to the ticket master agent. After completing the online search form there were no tickets, thinking I had been clever I waited on the phone operative to search for my tickets. Only for him to tell me that the one hundred VIP tickets that were being released this morning had sold out. What is a real fan supposed to do? 

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Charley Wasted

Ex Big Brother Charley Uchea was photographed exiting London’s Funky Buddha on the Tuesday night. This image has been made work safe by http://i-likeitalot.blogspot.com/, special thanks to The News Of The World.com for the image.

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Beyonce Malaysia Show Postponed

Beyonce has postponed aplanned concert in Malaysia following accusations by Islamic conservatives thatthe show would be immoral. The second coming of Michael Jackson has been deemedto provocative and event organizers have announced that the October 25thI Am Sacha Fierce concert in Kuala Lumpur has been postponed to a later date. The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party called for the show inKuala Lumpur to be scrapped if Beyonce and all female performers were notclothed from knee to shoulder without revealing skin or cleavage. 

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