Glastonbury Festival – What to Bring

If you are going to Glastonbury this year for the first time and are unsure of what to bring look no further. We have compiled a list of essential items most of which should be listed on the official Glastonbury 2011 website. We have also provided a few helpful tips that will come in useful.

Top 5 items to bring:

1) Bring a Tent (lines/poles/groundsheet/pegs) Sleeping mat/sleeping bag/duvet/pillow.

2) Wellington boots and waterproofs are required, its best to be safe than sorry as festivals are fantastic whatever the weather. It is best to be prepared by bringing weatherproof outfits, when wearing the correct clothing you should feel super human against the elements. Also Cigarettes/lighters and bottle openers-these always come in handy.

3) Make sure you have a map of the site. There are secure lockers located on the site map this year however it is best to keep valuable items on your person. Always be alert and make sure that you know where your tent is located, try to plan the list of bands/artists areas you want to visit in advance. Mark valuables with house number & postcode so that there is a chance they can be reunited with you if lost.

4) A large bottle that can be used to store water throughout the whole day in order to avoid queues for taps. Leaving more time to enjoy the festival.

5) Toiletries (toothbrush/paste, shaving items, biodegradable wet wipes, toilet rolls, deodorant, hand sanitizer, Towel/soap.

Also do not forget:

#Ear plugs/cotton wool,

#Bags (for dirty clothing and footwear)

#Alcohol in plastic bottles


#Sun cream/oil

#Contraceptives (coil or condoms)

#Torch/batteries/bulbs (spares)

#Mobile phone


#Medications (prescriptions/inhalers/chemist sundries) eye drops, hayfever tablets.

#Medical info (allergies etc)

#Next of kin notification

#Personal I.D./travel ticket(s)

#Driving licence (ideally with up to date address, so it – and anything with it – can be posted back to you if lost)

#A reasonable amount of Money/cards



#Boots/sturdy shoes/wellingtons

#Waterproof coat/overtrousers/ shell suit

#Sweater# Hat/gloves just incase the temperature drops, (remember you are sleeping in a field!)

#Clean clothes to go home in

Finally, the most important thing to remember is Festival Tickets! In order for you to have an amazing time.



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