The Big Money Test

Popular BBC consumer rights television show Watchdog recently publicised a quiz developed in conjunction with Money Saving Expert Guru Martin Lewis in order to test how good you are with your money.  The test averages around thirty five minutes and comprises of 9 sections. The answers provided help to generate individually tailored explanations and feedback on subject areas such as money management, money motivation,  money knowledge as well as taking into consideration other unique factors in order to create an end of test individual money management table. The Money management results table includes your overall score gained in relation to making ends meat, keeping track of money, planning head, choosing products and staying informed. Completion of the test also generates a written evaluation of how you faired in various different sections with helpful videos that discuss in detail the findings of the experiment. Feel free to participate by clicking here. Overall the knowledge gained from participating in The Big Money Test is informative, insightful and useful.

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