White Iphone 4 – Released in Retail Stores Worldwide Tomorrow

Apple today announced that the white iPhone 4 will be available at the start of business tomorrow. The iPhone 4 features no new features and is equal in specification to the Black iphone 4, Apple’s white iphone 4 will ship without the antenna issue and will feature Multitasking, Retina display which is the highest resolution display ever built into a phone resulting in super crisp text, HD video and imaging capabilities, FaceTime and more. Recommended retail price of £499 GBP for the 16GB model and £599 GBP for the 32GB model, sim free and unlocked to all networks when purchased within the UK from an Apple Retail Store. The White iPhone 4 models will be available from Apple’s online store, at Apple’s retail stores, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Tesco, Orange, O2 and the company that provides unbelievably competitive pricing and appaling customer service (3) Three Mobile stores, as well as at select Apple authorized resellers on contract and pay as you go.

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