Diplo and Switch-Run The World

Yes we liked it, I bought the album and we danced to it, but lyrically pon the floor was vulgar and it was simply the beat that made the song, if you were to have the song played accoustically or with live instruments it would not be saying much at all. Hence the reason there is not a successful remix of pon the floor because the lyrical content is so weak, one might even go a step further and say pon the floor was a underground hit, viral sensation however the album sales for Major Lazer did not match up with the popularity of the youtube video. Hence the reason Diplo hit out against haters on Twitter. Creativity doesn’t live on air, a budget of some kind is essential to continue putting out music, art, it can be cost effective or low budget or funded by sponsors or via donations but the raw materials have to be loaned or purchased. The means of production have to be bought and to buy things you need money, whether it be from selling or working to earn in order for the cheque to be cut. These so called taste makers don’t actually know shit, what credentials and accolades, or statistics do you have to justify your argument? Ok the song may not be to your liking but shed some light on the situation please. Well Jel!

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