Hype Means Nothing T-Shirts: 2009-2011


Some what of a recent archive piece, Hype Means Nothing T-shirts are even more rare a find as the first collection was originally released in 2009. Hype Means Nothing’s collection of favourite t’s, include images of influential icons of popular culture, style and success. Originally the French brand Hype Means Nothing was exclusively stocked at Collette in Paris, however Hype Means Nothing simplicity has caught the eye of fashion buyers at Selfridges, hence the reason why Hype Means Nothing’s collection of t-shirts, sweaters and accessories are available in Selfridges (London, Birmingham and Manchester). The updated 2011 collection features even more icons wearing the hand glasses now synonymous with the trendy French brand. Available from Colette, Paris as well as Colette online sore, Selfridges Online et al.





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