Beyonce 4 Sound’s like?

A creative masterpiece worthy of standing ovations, different to everything that is currently in the charts, vocally in a league far beyond the standard of many of today’s artists. The quality and richness of content of the project will leave many in awe and only confirms the reason why Beyonce has outlasted many artists. The versatility, progression and intimacy of this project stands as a living testament that marries perfectly the elements of All Beyonce;s albums past and present. With multifaceted elements of experience, emotion, creativity. Beyonce’s passion, motivation and hunger remain as fresh as when Beyonce first burst onto the scene with Destiny’s child. 4 is bound to be a a project that is a musical tapestry of excellence combining beautifully married vocals, production, synths and live instruments with slick production that serves to compliment and create a mise en scene of epic proportions without over powering Beyonce’s vocal’s stylings which are strong, powerful and soulful. Beyonce takes us on a unique musical journey of discovery, different to anything that is currently in the charts. Again setting the standard, raising the bar. 4 is an album that is complete masterpiece, stand alone it is proof that Beyonce is a living legend. If the music that has officially been previewed is an indication that 4 is a timeless project that will enrich Beyonce’s pre existing catalogue of international hits, without a doubt generating even more Grammy’s. Beyonce-4 will be released internationally on 27th June 2011, pre-order by clicking here.

(This review is purely speculative based on the tracks 1+1, Girls-Run The World as well as additional information regarding producers credited and album track list)

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