The Avant*Garde Diary (The Barbican Centre, A Certain Beauty)


Peter Henderson is a Young Avant-Gardiste from London who has written incredible and particular Stories/Articles.  Spotted by Icon such as the fashion designer Raf Simons. Londoner Perter Henderson started out covering fashion and Lately began writing about architecture, art and design. With this video for The Avant- Garde Diary he allowed us to share his point of view on the controversial Barbican Building in London’s financial Center. The massive pile of concrete is an item of cultural or historical interest of the brutalist architecture movement from the 50’s, 60’s and 70s that became a symbol of socialist utopian ideology. The Young Man, walk us through the strangely compound, explaining its bizarre beauty and the architects’ avant-garde approach. A Doper than cream View To be looked at PRESS PLAY

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