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Wale*s The Eleven One Eleven Theory + Vlog “Ambition” Part 2

This is the Washington D.C. MC’s latest mixtape, The Eleven One Eleven Theory in support of his Upcoming Album entitled Ambition, The Maybach Music Group new Signee release a Mixtape every year since 2005 and this One in particular(The Eleven One Eleven Theory) is about to make a lot of Noise. Wale’s next album, “Ambition,” will be available 1/11/11 in meantime listen to the This Doper than cream Mixtape. The Tracklist and the download is available after the jump

1. “Theory 11.1.11”

2. “Fuck You”

3. “Drums and Shit”

4. “Chain Music”

5. “Lace Frontin”

6. “Mother Nature”

7. “Barry Sanders”

8. “That Way”

9. “Passive Aggres-Her”

10. “Fairy Tales”

11. “Ocean Drive”

12. “Samples and Shit”

13. “Ambitious Girl”

14. “Let’s Chill”

15. “Pick Six”

16. “Varsity Blues”

17. “Underdog”

18. “Podium”

19. “Globetrotter”

Wale The Eleven One Eleven Theory

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