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Design : Lacoste “In Motion”

LACOSTE celebrations of the iconic L.12.12 polo shirt have been taking place in cities across the world, such as Shanghai, Moscow, Paris and Hanoi. where Local artists have been invited to create a piece inspired by the shirt in a variety of forms such as paintings, sculptures and photographs. Celebrations of the L.12.12 in Singapore comes in the form of Lacoste in Motion, in which 12 Singapore-based digital story-tellers were commissioned by Lacoste to create a piece of moving graphics that relate the values and the heritage of the L.12.12 polo. In addition, 3 musicians from the region were invited to create sound tracks to accompany the moving visuals.
Lacoste in Motion is the story of how a fashion brand wishes to celebrate a design icon through a new form of visual expression. The medium that they have chosen reflects the brand’s forward thinking attitude: allowing a 78-year old design icon to be interpreted by Singapore’s best animators, to create 12 narratives that take place in a space that is more about the future of art rather than in the context of fashion.

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