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EVENTS : Stooki Curates at the Red Bull Studios

Creative east London based collective Stööki are teaming up with Red Bull Studios, MTV Playground and Swatch for a night of adventures in sound, art and fashion. Stööki introduce an open platform that showcases creativity through sound, vision and play. Hosted by the Stööki Craft Makers, at the Red Bull Studios, on the 21st of October

Based on the roaring success of their previous event Stööki: Make Your Mark the group will host three workshops in the Red Bull Studios gallery space. The first workshop is led by Kara Messina of Y’OH clothing, Stööki jewellery designer Nadia Abbas and stylist PC Williams. The designers will assist participants in making fabric prints, accessories and styling said accessories for the Stööki Curates look book. During the second interactive workshop creative collective One Trick Pony and Stööki’s Quincey will invite revellers to create a mural based on nighttime adventures. The final workshop looks at the merits of music production with Red Bull Mixtape participants Shadez and Luke Hippolyte (Stööki) exploring the architecture of sound with aspiring muscians. The final track will be added to the Stööki Sound debut EP Obscura to be released with next Stööki collection.


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