The Tanning Effect With Steve Stoute Interview Jay-Z [Part 1]

 This is the part one of an interview that features music and marketing mogul Steve Stoute interview Jay-Z on His Joint Album with Kanye West and talking about hip-hop culture and the wide-reaching effect it has had over the years. Stoute’s book The Tanning Of America. He sat down to speak with good Friend and business Partner Jay-Z, who has not only witnessed the impact of hip-hop, but been a huge part of it. They are discussing the Impact that music has on People in this particular case Hip-Hop, as the lyrics from artists who put their emotions trhough the songs and speak directly to the Fans. Also on the Growing culture of Hip-Hop which is bigger than the music itself, the way people dress, the attitude, the Swagger and much more check out the Part 1, Press Play Above.

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