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i-likeitalot 10.DEEP Lookbook [Life Is a Gamble]

This is the 10.deep Lookbook for their collection Holiday 2011 “Life is Gamble”. You know 10.Deep is Heavy on an international level, this brand has been a cornerstone of street wear brand for over fifteen years now. Established in 1995 by native New Yorker Scott Sasso. The Label communicates the bold power of individuality and this concept behind this campaign reflect what the brand Stand for, 10.Deep took strong individuals from New-York and Philly Interviewing them giving us a Glimpse of what their Lifestyle as they respectively model the collection and discuss their own views on fate and chances in a series of short videos. The Individuals are Skotch, John, Taha, 40oz VAN, BLUE, The duo OCD(Moosh & Twist) all while showcasing 10.Deep Garments. Simple, Fresh and Clean, You can add the missing pieces to your closet, with a very complete collection composed of Cardigans, Jackets, Pants, Slim jeans, Cargo, Flannel, Vest, Hoodies and my favorite Usual suspects the Accessories with Hats, Caps, Pins and many more. The Swag added to the garments is very modern and fit clearly the actual state of Streetwear heavily influenced by Hip-Hop, sport, style, sex and battle. As UK Hip-Hop pionneer Ty would say “We Like it a lot (African Accent)” as it is Fresh, Clean and Doper than Cream, check out the Full entry after the Jump, You will Love It.

Ultimita Props to 10deep for an inspirational Movement


40oz VAN





Massive Props Once Again to 10,Deep forbeing so inspirational

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