NEW MUSIC : Lloyd Banks Ft ASAP Rocky – Make It Stack [Remix]

This is the New Lloyd Banks track entitled “Make It Stack[Remix]” off his upcoming mixtape entitled “Cold Corner 2”

“Let’s get this money, then lets make it stack Then lets make history, cause they can’t take that back Back to ballin’ and spendin’ Runnin’ up in these women, got a bitch out the movie Take a look how I’m livin’ And do you know what it took? I take you back down the road, before the riches and bitches And the platinum and gold I got it all from the work, no contract in my soul I don’t ball/bawl up and die, I bomb back on them hoes”

That hook Got me going for a minute now plus the Homie from Harlem A$ap Rocky drop a verse on a smooth production. Press Play above

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