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R.I.P Hip-Hop pioneer Heavy D

Old School Cat and Hip-Hop pioneer Heavy D passed away at age 44, Born Dwight Arrington Myers, Heavy was the first act signed to acclaimed record label, Uptown Records. He is best known for the commercially successful albums such as Livin Large, Big Tyme and Nuttin’ But Love among others. He also appeared in movies like Life, and Big Trouble, as well as television series, “Livin’ Single,” and “A Different World.”

While popular singles “Girls, They Love Me,” “Now That We Found Love,” “Nuttin’ But Love,” and “Is It Good To You” are forever embedded in rap history, “The Overweight Lover” is perhaps best remembered for becoming hip-hop’s first Big sex symbol paving the way for The Notorious B.I.G and Big Pun. He embraced his weight and mentioned it often in his rhymes, removing the stigma that being slim was required to be attractive.

Rest in peace, Heavy D. You will be missed.


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