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Louis Vuitton Presents Man With A Plan Part 1

Ask him what he does and you won’t always get the same answer. When he’s on the decks he’ll tell you he’s a hair stylist; when he’s at the salon he’ll say he’s a DJ. And occasionally he’ll opt for some other answer entirely. His chat is all charm but he’s fast-talking, and sometimes it’s like he’s never in the room long enough to be fully present.

On the rare occasions he’s home it’s only ever to sleep. His car sits in the underground car park most of the time, as his Vespa is much quicker for getting around the city. He says he likes to travel light. Stripping life to its essentials is an art, and it is something he has mastered: excess weight just slows him down. Yet he always carries three mobiles. No one is sure why, and no one has more than two of his numbers.

He says he picks his clothes for their functionality, although there’s always a little more flourish in what he wears than he can really justify. Nostalgia doesn’t interest him: he is always focused on the horizon between today and tomorrow. His favourite flight is LA to Sydney – heading West across the International Date Line, he feels like he’s accelerating into the future.

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