Watch Exclusive Lady Gaga Interview With Steve Stoute

Gaga opened up about what she listens to when she’s not recording or touring, and the effect of hip-hop on her musical style. The multifaceted Grammy Award-winner elaborated on how her fans have influenced her feelings of social responsibility “The fans lead the music. And it just so happens that a lot of my fans have shared with me their stories,” she said. “I traveled all over the world, and every night when the show was over, I would stop outside the arena and take pictures and sign autographs. And sometimes when it was really cold out, I would invite 30 fans on the bus and give them hot chocolate, give them Cheetos. Ask them if they were okay and they would say, ‘My dad kicked me out because I’m gay'” She continued, “I would meet fans who were beat up outside of school or had to move high schools because they were teased for being fat. I can go on and on about the stories. But it wasn’t until they shared their stories with me that I realized how like them I was, and I began to relive all of my struggles as a teenager.” Connecting with her countless fans has also made the singer-songwriter want to treat them like her family. “It’s about society, but it’s also about pledging a certain allegiance to your fan base” she added. “It’s not like, ‘Thanks for buying my record, f*ck you it’s like, “Thanks for buying my record — and I will live and die and breath my work and my art to protect your dreams. Because you protect mine.” Press Play Below

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