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VV Brown In V Magazine Pop Rocks: Fearless Women Of Music 2012

Cassie, Solange and VV Brown are featured in V magazines Pop Rocks feature, celebrating five fearless women of music described as being ” smarter,franker and less false.” the women talk recording, production, the meaning, mood and message behind their music due to be released in 2012 check out a snippet of the images and some pull quotes from the feature below.

“My second album has a message: it’s about my generation and things going on in the world, but I didn’t want it to come across preachy. I love writing upbeat songs with darker undertones. Sometimes you want to shy away from political things because people will tell you to leave that to the politicians, but I want my fans to hear a message that is about questioning the world and getting them to question what fame is. I find it difficult to even say the word ‘fan.’ We’re all the same. As a generation, let’s evolve and shift away from celebrity culture, I think it’s really unhealthy.”

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