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Rick Ross x Jonathan Mannion: THE DREAM

Rather than give you our impression of the night, here’s the scoop straight from Mr. Jonathan Mannion himself: “This episode focuses on the journey that Rick Ross and I took to put ourselves in a position to create something that we were so passionate about. A desire to tell the authentic story of drive, dedication and perseverance is at the heart of this episode. What comes out of it is a motivational and inspirational story for all watching to believe in the power of their dreams, and with focus and talent, ANYTHING is possible. Relaying early influences in music, turning points and transitions from desire to actualizing, Ross takes a look back at his career. Divulging early stories of a career that he was contributing to, not based on financial gain but a desire to be part of a movement that he saw developing. The results of the work created from both Ross and I have helped shape the art form from its inception. With relentless fire, the journey through the industry continues and develops.”

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