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Bottle your Summer with Carling Zest App Recap

So yesterday we told you about the new app that Carling have brought out to promote their new flavour of beer. And being the inquisitive people we are we thought we’d take some time to check it out ourselves. Basically the aim is to produce a two minute track, with a selection of samples provided, these range from dogs barking to bottles being opened.

Took some time for us to get used to all the controls but in the end we created something beautiful. In fact, this may well revolutionize the music industry… well maybe revolutionize is a bit strong, but you can certainly spend a couple of hours messing around with samples and pretending you’re a producer. And while you’re at it you could win the competition and bag yourself a free weekend at V Festival. Need I say more?

If you’re interested to see how we did have a look at this!

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