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Nike Fuel Fest Recap

Sunday night saw Nike launching it’s first ever “Fuel Fest” and not being people who like to miss a huge free party we thought we’d check it out. Before the night began we were given a Nike Fuel Band, which measures your activity in terms of steps take and calories burned, and then assigns a value known as Nike Fuel.

The event took place at the iconic Battersea power-station in South London. Tinie Tempah, Zane Lowe and Magnetic Man were there to provide the entertainment… as they staged a dance off between the girls and boys. All the fuelbands were wirelessly connected to a computer which then calculated how many points each side had accumulated.

In the end the girls won dammit!

But despite the male race being humiliatingly defeated it was still a night to remember, the visuals alone were mind boggling…. check out our lovely gallery below:

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